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We are creative individuals united to make wonderful music experiences for everyone.

Stay Home Fest (SHF) 2020 was born from the need to help artists and musicians have a consolidated platform to post Livestream events and shows during these difficult times.


Under new social and physical distancing protocol, artists, musicians and members of the public alike were asked to stay home, which of course created a complete change in how the arts could be seen, heard and felt.


Nik Wever


Our goal at GAIN Music has always been to facilitate and help artists in any way we can while also contributing to our community in a positive and impactful way.

The Stay Home Fest page has offered us a great opportunity to not only keep shows and events happening, albeit in a different form, but also gives artists and musicians opportunities to collaborate and create in the comfort and safety of their own homes as we navigate through this together.


Ali McDonald

Infinity Marketing & Design

Infinity Marketing & Design has taken on this project as a way to help keep artists active and involved during these trying times. In addition, it is the belief of Infinity Marketing & Design, that all aspects of the creative industry need to work hand in hand to see the success and growth of one another - in essence, everything tying into each other infinitely.



The Beatforest

The Beatforest is proud to partner with Stay Home Fest to amplify the voice of music, online. Our mission has always been to nurture an ‘Ecosystem of Sound’ across the web, through playlists, blog posts, and promoting music to the masses. Stay Home Fest turns up the volume on everything we’ve been doing, providing creatives in our network and beyond the opportunity to spread their music and spread love from isolation.